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Fundraising with P.I.P.

For the consumer:

The P.I.P. card will enable you to eat at one of central Maine's most affordable Italian restaurants and save money! But, best of all, you are helping an organization that can use your support financially.

You could save up to $100.00 on your purchases with your Sam's P.I.P. card.

The way it works is easy. you will be able to purchase up to 24 items at full price and then receive another 24 items at half price. The items are split between pizzas, Italians, and pasta; thus the name P.I.P. card. When you purchase a pizza at full price you can then purchase a 2nd pizza at 1/2 price and so on.

Each time you purchase an item, the appropriate symbol on the card will be punched. Try all of Sam's great products! Enjoy the best in Italian food and most of all save money. And remember that as you are enjoying your meal you have just helped your favorite school, team, or organization to continue their programs!

For the fundraising organization:

The way our program works is you receive the number of PIP cards that you feel your organization would be able to sell within a specific time period. There is no initial cost to your organization. Samís agrees not to allow any other organization sell in your assigned area during the same period. Individuals from your organization sell each card to friends, co-workers, fellow students, neighbors, etc. for the price of $10.00 each. At the end of the fundraising period, your organization returns the unsold cards to Samís at no charge, and pays $5.00 for each card sold. Thus, your net return on each card is $5.00. If you find you are able to sell more than the assigned number of cards, you simply request an additional amount.

Many organizations have found this program to be very helpful in their fundraising efforts. Please feel free to call us at 782-2550 to discuss availability of dates and selling regions if you feel this program could be helpful to your group.

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